Hot Spot 

Wonderful animation created by LCAD Students Cathy Nichols and Rebecca Morel. 


Three wacky cats fight to claim the hot spot on the couch! 

Hot Spot, created at LCAD by Cathy Nichols and Rebecca Morel. 

Here it is! Our baby film! Cathy and I split the animation and all of the other work down the middle. It’s a year old but I’m still very proud of it! I’d really appreciate if you’d watch it and pass it around if you like it!

Oh! And Dude from Tamara’s Cans of Beans comic makes a cameo! Thank you Tamara!

Scenes from this week’s reception for the conclusion of LCAD’s 2014 Pre-College Summer Program. The LCAD Admissions Office works with local high school arts faculty to offer college courses in drawing and design to high school students. This year LCAD offered college credit in Drawing Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Figure Drawing and Fundamentals of Graphic Design. As a thank you, local high school faculty also participated in a Contemporary Drawing course. 

These designs modeled during the LCAD + Thalia Surf Shop + VANS Fashion Show are the result of an in-class collaborative project. LCAD is the first college to offer a BFA in Action Sports Design, which includes packaging, apparel and footwear. The program which began in 2008 has attracted collaborations and partnerships with some of the world’s top brands like Nike, Hurley, VANS, and local favorite, Thalia Surf Shop. 

All designs are available at Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach, CA.